Managed IT Environments

At Chrome, we can help your business save money, time, and resources by managing your IT applications, infrastructures and operations on your behalf.

We are truly independent in that we recommend the best technology for our customers’ purposes, and have been in the business of IT solutions for years. As such we have extensive knowledge and experience managing technologies from all major manufacturers, and many of the minor ones too.

Our skillset allows us to provide businesses with services in service management, service aggregation, application management, infrastructure management and all manner of networking services.

ITIL Process Support Services

Lower IT risk with our ITIL-aligned framework.

Service Aggregation

Gain a single view of the performance of all suppliers in your IT environment, and continual improvement across your service management processes.

Infrastructure Management

Manage infrastructure through the experts to free up costs and internal IT resources.

Database Management

Get design, build and support of all major database products from one provider.